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40°49'48.4"N  73°56'57.1"W

40°40'44.8"N  74°00'43.7"W

40°49'45.9"N  73°56'52.1"W

40°49'48.0"N  73°56'57.5"W

40°49'49.1"N 73°56'57.5"W

40°49'48.0"N  73°56'57.1"W

40°50'43.8"N  73°56'10.7"W

40°49'17.0"N  73°55'51.6"W

40°49'17.4"N  73°55'50.5"W

40°49'17.0"N  73°55'50.9"W

40°45'33.0"N  73°59'44.9"W

1°18'10.2"N  103°50'51.7"E

1°18'10.2"N  103°50'51.2"E

1°18'10.0"N  103°50'51.8"E

1°18'07.4"N  103°50'56.0"E

40°49'14.5"N  73°56'24.0"W

40°42'36.7"N  73°56'57.1"W

40°44'46.2"N  73°59'53.1"W

40°44'46.2"N  73°59'53.1"W

40°44'45.8"N  73°59'53.9"W

40°49'09.5"N  73°56'20.4"W

40°49'12.4"N  73°56'34.4"W

40°49'12.4"N  73°56'34.1"W

40°49'13.1"N  73°56'35.9"W

40°49'12.7"N  73°56'35.2"W
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