Shelter (C Fly Wedge)

2021   /   Wall relief, muslin, twine, quilting pins, wood   /   37 L x 22 W x 8.5 D in  (94 x 56 x 21 cm)

As a recurring motif that stems from the notion of ‘impermanence home’, the makeshift architecture of survival shelters and their versatile configurations have followed my research for a long time. This form of improvisatory living compartment investigates the transitions between environments and distances, manifests its own distinct space to nurture the lives within, while constantly observing and responding to the surroundings. With its ephemeral nature, this work questions our mortality and fragility, yet mirroring our resiliency and adaptability to foreign conditions. 

This work takes the form of a “C Fly Wedge” survival shelter arrangement, reoriented vertically into a wall relief structure. Similarly to the actual shelter, this structure utilizes tension and secured contact points into the “ground” to erect and sustain its construction.

Shelter (Dining Fly)

2021   /   Wall relief, muslin, twine, quilting pins, wood   /   41 L x 33 W x 9.5 D in  (104 x 83 x 24 cm)

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