Shining Afternoons

2017   /   Mixed media, plants, tarp, dirt, wood, silkscreen on paper, monitor, video camera   /   17.5 L x 13 W x 24 H ft  (5,3 x 4 x 7,3 m)   /   Installation view from Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University Lenfest Center for the Arts, NY

With a collection of edible plants from my grandmother’s garden in specimen slides, the viewers can handle and observe them under a microscope built into the structure. The viewers are also able to raise and lower a camera through a pulley system to view a live-feed video of the three levels of shelter tarp roofs above. Through processing her death, while thinking about the impermanence of an immigrant’s “home” and the role of the caretaker, this installation focuses on the process of observing decay, the effort of prolonging a life, and preserving memories.

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