Test Site Wallach/Uris: Scaled Solar System [09.19.12 / 9:00am]

2016   /   Wood, plexi, silkscreen, ink on vinyl   /   947 x 545 x 545 1/2 in  (2405 x 1384 x 1386 cm)   /   Installation view from Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, NY

A silkscreen image of Earth is suspended in the middle of the room and it lines up with an image of the Moon on the building across through a cutout on the window. The distance between them and their sizes are proportional to the actual Earth and Moon. Their scaled ratio is then used to calculate the distances and locations of the other planets and the Sun as they were on September 19th, 2012, 9:00 am, when my father passed away. The plaques representing the Sun and other planets are placed around the room in correspondent angled positions, and their locations are determined from Google Maps, from New York to the states nearby. The work is a sentiment of a moment in time, rewinded, and becomes frozen to relive the significant moment. 

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