Transpiration (Strangler Fig)

2021   /   Herbarium,  Strangler Fig water, glass vial, watercolor   /   16 L x 12 W x 2 D in (40 x 30 x 5 cm)

This work applies a principle in botany called water transpiration where moisture is released into the air through a plant’s leaves. This moisture is collected from a specific plant, a Strangler Fig in this case, into a vial and then used to paint a watercolor depicting the collecting process. The same Strangler Fig specimen is then pressed and pinned as an herbarium.

Transpiration (Clusia Guttifera)

2021   /   Herbarium,  Clusia Guttifera water, glass vial, watercolor   /   16 L x 12 W x 2 D in (40 x 30 x 5 cm)


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